When it comes to nutrition Nicole focuses on the fact that no one size fits all. We are each very different in what we need (and like) to make us happy and healthy, and finding that out is part of this fantastic ride we call life.

Whilst health is affected by diet there are other factors such as our environment, lifestyle, genetics, age, and attitude that can also have a significant impact. There is no one magic food, nutrient or action. And it isn’t going to happen in the short-term, we are in this for life after all. Our health is best promoted by a combination of delicious and varied food, physical activity and the good things in life.

It can be a challenge to find what works for you but by staying positive, working together and having fun it doesn’t need to be daunting. Small steps and simple goals are a great place to start and Nicole can help you with that. She can teach you how to shop, prepare and cook the simplest, tastiest, most nutritious food you can make. So let’s get started finding ways to make nutritious food easy to make and enjoyable to eat!